I was born and raised in Japan and moved to the West in my early twenties. After living in San Francisco and Seattle, I have made Vancouver my home.

I received an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. I completed a 2-year practicum while at CIIS; a first year at Richmond Area Multi Services, a community mental health agency, and a second year at the Integral Counseling Center, at Pierce Street. It was also during my graduate studies in CIIS when I started the meditation practice.

After working as a mental health counsellor at various community mental health agencies and a hospital setting, I have been working at the Mental Health Clinic in the University of Washington in Seattle as a psychotherapist and an auxiliary clinical faculty since 1997. I have also been in my private practice since 2002. At both of my worksites, I have been offering psychotherapy in English and Japanese to a widely diverse group of people; undergraduate or graduate students, transfer students from other schools, ESL or International students, university staff or faculty members, people from the community at large or people referred from the Employment Assistance Program of various companies.

Additional Certificates and a partial list of Trainings taken in recent years:
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  • EMDR Certification Training Part I & II, EMDR Institute.
  • One-year Certificate Program in Minority Mental Health, Social Work, University of Washington.
  • A series of workshops on Psychotherapy based on the Principles by George Pransky, PhD, Linda Pransky, RN & Aaron Turner, PhD
  • A 4-day Couple Psychotherapy based on the Principles by Sandy Krot, PhD.
  • A one-week training on Narrative Therapy by Michael White, PhD.
  • Marital Therapy, Workshop for Clinicians by John Gottman, PhD.
  • Time-Effective Psychotherapy, Social Work, University of Washington.
  • The End of Life Series, Being a Compassionate Companion, by Frank Ostaseski.